Meet Performance Shirts

Meet Performance Shirts

Essex Classics Talent Yarn

Essex Classics Talent Yarn show shirts combine more than 30 years of tailoring expertise with state-of-the-art nanotechnology for a cool performance edge. Smart temperature-regulating Talent Yarn creates breathability and comfort, wicking moisture away from your skin and keeping you neat and dry.

The shirts boast a flattering, tapered body fit in easy stretch pullover style, while the crisp cotton collar and cuffs are trimmed in signature Essex Classics style. A wide selection of show shirts, available in both long and short sleeves, feature the company’s most creative and distinctive designs on these interior trims and create an impeccable presentation in the ring.

Beacon Hill Talent Yarn

The Beacon Hill Talent Yarn show shirt is crafted in innovative nanotechnology fabric that reduces your body temperature to keep you cool and refreshed.  These show shirts are tailored with a body-flattering fit in a stretch pullover style for ease of wear. Crisp cotton collar and cuffs are trimmed in the interior with tasteful, basic shirting patterns.


Dusk Performance’s long-sleeve all-black and all-navy Dusk show shirts are made of performance moisture-wicking fabric, similar to that of Essex's popular Talent Yarn collection. Still designed with Essex's popular trim patterns, Dusk is both exceptionally breathable and easier for the busy equestrian to keep clean. Dusk also offers riders in the jumper ring that compete with safety vests to ride without a show coat (according to horse show-specific attire rules). Dusk is also available in grey with contrasting white on the collar and cuffs.


Luna is made with the same performance moisture-wicking fabric and under-sleeve mesh ventilation as Dusk, but its elegantly styled silhouette, with a white panel front and white collar and cuffs, characterizes the design. Under a show coat, Luna hides its full-color body, maintaining the tradition that has long defined the style of the hunter and equitation divisions. When worn independently, it offers a flattering feminine fit and has a better chance of staying clean throughout the day.

Baylee in Light Blue Luna Show Shirt