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      Mobile Rigs

      Some of our retailers operate mobile rigs.  Be sure to look for them at horse shows to find your favorite Essex Classics products


      mobile rig and online store

      Website: jodsonline.com

      Phone: 315.529.0724


      nice online store

      Website: luxe-ex.com

      Phone: 512.673.0149

      Outdoor Outfitters of California

      mobile rig

      Facebook: Outdoor Outfitters of California

      Phone: 714.639.8565

      Redfield Show Tack

      mobile rig

      Facebook: Redfield Show Tack

      Phone: 732.684.6349

      Rider's Boutique

      mobile rig and  online store

      Website: riders-boutique.com

      The Riding Habit

      mobile rig 

      Phone: 561.216.1716

      Showtime Couture

      mobile rig

      Facebook: Showtime Couture

      Cheval Saddlery and Boutique

      mobile rig and online store

      Website: Cheval Saddlery and Boutique

      Phone: 813.614.1222

      Equestrian Chic Boutique

      mobile rig and online store

      Website: Equestrian Chic Boutique

      Facebook: Equestrian Chic Boutique

      Phone: 845.379.4311